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2014 Boryeong Mud Festival: Enjoyable and exciting mud experience with people from all over the worl
boryeong (boryeongmud) <boryeongmud@gmail.com> 조회수:928
2014-06-26 09:21:53

2014 Boryeong Mud Festival: Enjoyable and exciting mud experience with people from all over the world


We are excited to invite you to Korea’s representative festival, the 17th Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach, taking place from 18th to 27th of July.


Over 3 million visitors from in and out of Korea come to have this exceptional experience with other visitors every year. At the same time, those famous media agencies such as Thomson   Reuters, Cable News Network, Associated Press, L’Agence France Presse, Getty images        Environment Protection Agency and etc are ready to draw the materials form the festival in   the first time. This Korea’s representative festival that everyone loves is stepping up as an international festival.


The most distinctive point of our festival is to create a united place where people from all over the world become one. Visitors can free themselves from their daily lives and participate conveniently without any preparation. Most of all, they can directly experience the well-known effects of mud on skin and beauty. While putting mud all over their body and meeting new people, they are able to break down walls of age, nationality, and race and have fun together. We provide not only just a festival but also a chance to enjoy well-being travel through the healthy effect of mud.


Daecheon Beach boasts the only shell-powdered sandy beach in Asian region. Visitors can enjoy the mud experience events and sea bathing at the same time. This year, a huge mud tub, various mud slide, colored mud zone, mud attack, mud fountain and a lot more events are waiting for festival participants; they will share unforgettable experience with their family and friends. This cheerful and interesting festival is the one that people around the world wait yearlong.


E-mail: boryeongmud@gmail.com

Website : www.boryeongmudfestival.com / http://youtu.be/n2CSuURpo7g

Festival Period: July 18 ~ July 27, 2014

Place: Boryeong City, Korea


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