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let's go camping with my host faliy (May 23 -25)
브랜든 (foxyhobak) <foxyhobak@hotmail.com> 조회수:1670
2015-05-18 10:10:49
Hello, my name is Brendan Sullivan and this fall I will be starting my first year as an economics PhD student at Johns Hopkins University. I am an American visiting Korea for a period of 7 weeks and I am living with a host family. This weekend, my host family, as well as several other families, will be going camping. Since there will be around 10 children (5-6th grade) we could use some help with looking after the kids. This would be a fun weekend and a unique experience to learn about Korean culture. This would not be difficult and there will be 3 other helpers, but I would like to have another native English speaker on the trip. If you are interested in applying please contact Mik Jung and she can give you my information.


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